Human Relations Committee 1995

1995 Human Relations Development Committee (HRDC)

April 12, 1994, the City Council directed the Personnel Department, with cooperation of the LAFD and in consultation with the affected employee unions and organizations, to conduct a study of LAFD personnel practices, including, but not limited to recruitment, employee development programs, training opportunities, transfer and assignment practices, classification and allotment of positions, promotional examinations, applications to higher positions, pay grade advancement procedures, certification and appointment procedures, and disciplinary process. The study was completed in November 1994 to address the issues raised by the Personnel Department’s 1994 study, the Board of Fire Commissioners established the Human Relations Development Committee (HRDC) within the Fire Department.

The HRDC was composed of representatives of employee groups within the Department, including the United Firefighters of Los Angeles City (UFLAC), the Chief Officers Association, Los Bomberos, the Stentorians, and the Sirens, as well as representatives from the LAFD staff, the Fire Commission, Citywide affirmative action associations and a representative of the Chair of the City Council’s Personnel Committee. This group reviewed the issues outlined in the Personnel Department study and prepared a report itemizing recommendations, priorities and timelines for implementation.

On August 15, 1995, the Board of Fire Commissioners approved the HRDC’s implementation plan and on October 25, 1995, the City Council directed the Fire Department to implement the HRDC’s recommendations. 


You can download the full 288 page report here: HRDC Report 1995